“Do not go outside the lines”, said my grandma, after she passed me one of her drawings. I didn’t always succeed, but I always did my best. Those bright felt pens accompanied myself through all my studies in Fine Arts in Milan and in Editorial Illustration in Bologna. Now, in Hamburg, those outlines are gone. What began as just fun has grown into serious fun; involving people in my creative process, between ironic and engaging visual metaphors.
Felt pens, mugs, acrylics, bowls, walls: what game we are going to play, today?

Exhibitions: DCA Thomson (Dundee, 2017),Sita exhibition (Dundee, 2016),  ITIT cafe Ferrara (Ferrara, 2016), Christmas exhibition (Stirling, 2015),Portici il tuo quadro (Ivrea, 2015), wewomenINnnovation (Cernobbio,2015), Chicken and Broccoli Show (Ravenna, 2015), CHEAP Poster Art Festival (Bologna, Italy, 2015 and 2013 ), Ferrara Buskers Festival (Ferrara, Italy, 2014), COSIMIPIACE (Milano Greco Pirelli, Italy, 2014), Amici di Carta (Perugia, Italy, 2014), Carioca (Pesaro, Italy, 2013), Noi e gli altri (Bologna, Italy, 2013), HYGIENE (Bologna, Italy, 2013) among many other.